I specialize in Business information management.

Interested in Innovations📈, Technologie👩‍💻, Research📄 and Family👨‍👩‍👧‍👧.

Royal Trendz.

Welcome to the Royal Trendz blog. On this blog site you will find opinions, reviews and stories and maybe some journal entries.

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  • My lastest nightmare
    Everyone has dreams. Some are bad and some are great. But have you ever had a set of dreams that string together as a series. I have, it’s like these dreams have set rules and happen in an episodic manners, continuing from one the last. I can remember three of […]
  • Changing the ship.
    A relationship is a special bond that two people share. It can be a romantic relationship where two people love each other or a friendship where two people care for each other. A healthy relationship is one where both people feel safe, respected, and loved. They communicate openly and honestly […]
  • Breeze to your wings.
    We all have dreams. Small dreams like, just being able to smile tomorrow or big ones like, owning you’re own business. But to achieve your dreams you sometimes need to get motivated to get there. This can be self motivation but sometimes that’s not enough. That’s when having a good […]

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