News today “Tailored to fit”

There are many news organizations. CNN, FOX, BBC and even Al Jazeera all share the news, but for some reason the same story can have a different message. It all depends on where you get your news from.

Sometimes they work together with political agendas in mind. Other times they align themselves with cultural aspects. To me it seems like they entertaining different groups for ratings or they are marketing their own opinions. Maybe they are trying to make profit by facilitating marketing. But it doesn’t feel genuine anymore.

I’ve been wachting the news for years. I feel like news is spreading information to fit a mold. It feel like they don’t share unfiltered information or information is shared with specific light that makes it shine in a different glow.

These days i ask myself what information is correct and sometimes i need check different news organizations just to get information that was lacking from the first news organization i listened too. There are also too much personal opinions being spread. It is my hope that the information that news organizations share can become more trustworthy and not bias.

This is just my opinion and i will think about it more. These days we need the full story to avoid walking blind in this day and age. I don’t want news to fit me. I want the news as it is, even if it doesn’t fit my worldview.





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