My lastest nightmare

Everyone has dreams. Some are bad and some are great. But have you ever had a set of dreams that string together as a series. I have, it’s like these dreams have set rules and happen in an episodic manners, continuing from one the last.

I can remember three of these dreams so far. They all happen in my home town on the island Sint Maarten. The first one around the school where i went kindergarden. The second one happens around my house and the last one happens around the area i hanged of most with friends.

In these dreams there seem to be a evil force that feeds on fear. This fear is fed on by an entity and it cause giant spiders to appear to attack those who are in the area.

These spiders are the size of a jeep and they are black with red streaks. So it looks like they are covered in fresh blood. Now the problem is, the more you fear these spider. The more the situation escalates and more spiders appear.

In these dreams me and people from my past battle these spiders. No one dies but we are trying to survive and escape. I am have always feared spiders so this dream is the definition of a nightmare for me.

I don’t hate these nightmare but they are so vivid that feel like it may be reality. So when i wake up i have trouble deciding if it was real.

I don’t know when episode four will happen but if it does i hope it’s not a dream i remember. But if i do then I’ll have to start a book. Because it would make a epic Netflix series.





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