That Chess Move.

Never take a meme too serious.

You know there is a war in Ukraine. I doubt i need to say much for you to understand what i mean. Russian invaded and has been blasting left and right.

Ukraine has managed to hold its own to the surprise of many and Russia has continued to be relentless. Recently the news has talked about how Russia has been loosing ground lately. I believe this is being reported in a tailored way and the reasons are as follows.

Russia has been destroying infrastructure in Ukraine plus water and energy distribution have been halted. Yes, Ukraine have gained back a city. But, i ask you this. Would you leave your soldiers in a place without water and energy which is also enemy territory?

It has been reported that Russia couldn’t ensure resources for their soldier’s in tht area. This may be true if they themselves has made it so that resources will be limited in that area. The real question is, was this a tactical retreat to area where they could better facilitate their soldier needs better or did Ukraine really push them back. The answer depends on how the rest of the war goes.

In short this move by russia may be a player moving pieces around the board. But, hopefully Ukraine can be the better player in the end of the wargame.





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