Breeze to your wings.

We all have dreams. Small dreams like, just being able to smile tomorrow or big ones like, owning you’re own business. But to achieve your dreams you sometimes need to get motivated to get there. This can be self motivation but sometimes that’s not enough. That’s when having a good support system becomes more valuable.

Having supportive people around can make small tasks feel like a breeze to do. They can also make heavy tasks seem a few pounds lighter. These people become the breeze under your wings, allowing your to fly.

In my life i have seen that people who have a good support tend to fly higher than those without a solid support system. What’s worse is some people come in your life for you to support them before ever supporting you. This can leave someone without the energy to fly themselves.

That’s why it’s great when someone is in your life or comes into your life and tries to lift you towards your dreams. Because in reality we don’t come across people who are looking forward to your self improvement.

Supportive people, are like extra energy. They lift you high. Then make sure you don’t fall and most times it’s just because they love you. That’s one thing we should always be grateful for. When we have people who wants to see us succeed. They become the motivation we needed and they want to see us happy.

I thank God for all my supporter’s. Sometimes i do my best just for you. Thanks for being the breeze beneath my wings.


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